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Knows how to work with Athletes

My son really hurt his back coming off a jump and Doctor Gibb helped him overcome his injuries and perform at his athletic best.  The adjustments did not hurt and he helped my son's muscles feel a lot better with therapies in addition to chiropractic care. We were shown what exercises to do at home, and Dr. Gibb called on us to check how we were doing, which is really unusual but a pleasant surprise.  I would recommend Dr. Gibb and his staff to any athlete especially younger ones!

Outstanding Chiropractic Care
Dr. Gibb is the best doctor I've ever been to, without a doubt. I've been physically disabled (mobility) for most of my life, so I've been to plenty of them. When I first visited Dr. Gibb, I was using a power-wheelchair almost continually. My progress since then can only be called phenomenal, and it's all because of his treatments and methods. Between chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, therapeutic massages and nutritional supplements, I am back to using my crutches on a daily basis, I feel stronger, I sleep better, my life is being restored to me in a way I never thought possible! I would heartily encourage you to give Dr. Gibb a try. He is truly a professional, caring and with an upbeat attitude that is like tonic to your bones. An initial consultation with him is free, and he is very patient to explain how he can help you specifically as an individual. He can put YOU back in charge of your health. His staff is outstanding also, very helpful and encouraging. I can't imagine going to any other doctor, and I hope your experience with him is as great as mine has been. Go for it!

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

This is an amazing place! Dr Gibb and his staff are really terrific. Every time I go in I feel welcomed and I know that they are truly concerned about my wellbeing. I love that Dr. Gibb listens and is always open to my questions and is always there with a ready and knowledgeable answer. I recommend Springbok to everyone!!

Holistic and Patient Centered

I was referred to Dr. Gibb by a friend who thought he might be able to help me. This is not your typical 'toss you on the table and hammer on your back' chiropractor. He does a thorough evaluation before he even says whether he thinks his services can help or not, and he is honest about what he can do for you. The whole office uses a team-centered approach. You come in and there are stretching and physical therapy excercises first, then Dr. Gibb sees you to adjust you. There is a lot of formal and informal education about health in general here, and don't pass up the opportunity for a massage from Eric - he used to teach massage therapy and you will leave his room with a look of bliss on your face! All the services Dr. Gibb offers work together to give you the best possible care. He has quite a lot of information on alternative medicine, including essential oils that can treat the same things that your local MD can give you a prescription for, without the side effects. I have learned a lot about balancing my life in a healthy way from him and his staff. Check it out. Dr. Gibb has a delightful sense of humor! I have seen him make people walk out feeling better partly from his way of getting them to laugh and not take life so seriously.
Thank you!
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for the wonderful care you have given me.  I can't say it enough; thank you to Dr. Gibb, Dr. Chad, Dr. Jared and all the staff of Springbok.  I have never met such  kind, caring people---every one of you.
                                                                                                     -----LaVonne K.               
Physical Therapy
I was referred by my medical doctor to Chad Crossley for a course of physical therapy.  This was to improve my balance and muscle strength which were both decreasing due to my age, 87.  The physical therapy program developed by Chad was for 2 times per week for six weeks.  Chad's program always stayed within my physical capabilities while also challenging my body to improve.  I appreciated how he remained close to me while I was performing the balance exercises.  By the end of the six weeks my stamina had increased 95%.  I have continued with the physical therapy program on my own five days a week.  I would highly recommend Chad to anyone needing physical therapy.  I feel he is an outstanding professional.                                                                
                                                                                                     ----- Alfonso E.
I had been having a lot of pain in my back and knees and also a terrific pain in my right leg from my hip to my toes.  After having this pain for over a month and being unable to walk, I decided to have therapy treatments.  After having therapy treatments twice a week for three weeks my pain in my right leg was cured.  I continued treatment for three more weeks and it helped my back and decreased my knee pain.
                                                                                                    ------Minerva E.

Pain Relieving Whole Body Care

Dear Dr. Brendon Gibb,

I can't thank you enough for the care you provided for myself and my family!  I've yet to find a chiropractor or doctor her in Bend, Oregon, who takes the same approach to looking at the whole body to pinpoint the source of pain.  Thank you again, I sure miss coming to you for my care!


Good News!

Dr. Jared Weichers is the best Physical Therapist I have ever worked with.  I've worked with about twenty, so far.  They were all good, but he's the very best.  Jared exudes a feeling of welcome, calm, strength, safety and understanding.  He knows how the body works, how to help people and heal them. He is knowledgeable, encouraging and resourceful. He often uses gentle humor to ease difficult times.  His strength of character shines through in all he says and does.  He is sensitive, caring, kind and altogether amazing!  I have great respect for Jared.  He helps me feel better and gives me hope!  

                                                                                                   ------Marion D. Tolson

Pain Free!

I was referred to Dr. Jared Weichers at Springbok Wellness and Rehab for pain in my right arm and right back, hip, and leg.  After several weeks of care, I now have no pain in my back, right arm, right hip/leg.  Dr. Jared noticed other areas that were actually causing the problems in my body and gave me exercises to remove the cause of the pain and provided proper care to restore my painful areas to pain free.  I was also provided with a home exercise program that I am able to continue to do to stay painfree!

                                                                                                  -------Mary Pat

Highly Recommend Springbok Wellness and Rehab! Dr. Jared Weichers, PT,DPT, and Springbok Wellness have done a spectacular job at rehabilitating me after a knee sprain! Dr. Jared was patient in working with my schedule and showed me the correct stretches and exercises to achieve and continue a pain-free lifestyle as long as I keep up with them. I highly recommend Springbok Wellness for Physical Therapy! -Kris S.

Highly Recommend Springbok Wellness and Rehab!


Pedaling along!  Thanks for helping!
                                                                                                  -------Raymond G.

Judy A. Krause, Author of "A Life Transformed" and Public Speaker. Written formof video testimonial above: Hi, my name is Judy and I started with Jared (Doctor of Physical Therapy at Springbok Wellness and Rehab), this is only my third session. After two sessions I was able to stand on my feet for more than ten minutes. (Before I came to Springbok Wellness,) I couldn’t stand on my feet for more than a minute because of my pain in my side and in my back. I am doing great. I went to my class reunion and three days of standing up talking to everybody and I never had a pain! It’s been great!

Highly Recommend Springbok Wellness and Rehab! Dr. Jared Weichers, PT,DPT, and Springbok Wellness have done a spectacular job at rehabilitating me after a knee sprain! Dr. Jared was patient in working with my schedule and showed me the correct stretches and exercises to achieve and continue a pain-free lifestyle as long as I keep up with them. I highly recommend Springbok Wellness for Physical Therapy! -Kris S.

Mary P.'s (Retired Nurse) positive experience at Springbok Wellness and Rehab

Dr. Jeffrey J.'s (Optometrist) positive experience with Springbok Wellness and Rehab in taking care of his neck pain.

Deb S. excellent experience at Springbok Wellness and the healing care she has received for her back pain.

James B's Pain Free Low Back

Bob's Amazing experience with Physical Therapy, healing his Low Back and improving his Golf Game.

Zora's Positive experience with Physical Therapy at Springbok Wellness

Robert recommends getting cared for by Springbok Wellness!

Healing after a Motor Vehicle Accident

I got into a car accident where I was t-boned at 5 months pregnant and was in terrible pain. I could barely move my neck or back, which made life incredibly difficult. With about three months of Physical Therapy with Jared, my pain is almost completely gone. I can live life normally again and was truly surprised hom well I was accomodated with my pregnancy. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering pain from an accident.

-Stephania S.

Shoulder Injury Rehab

When I was referred to Springbok Wellness I could not raise my right arm no morethan 45 degrees. After working with Chad and seriously doing as he requested, I can now lift my arm above my head with no effort. Even though it isn't 100%, it is much better that what it was, being able to lift my arm above my head with noeffort or pain. I really appreciate Chad for his all his support and encouragement. Proper encouragement makes you want to work harder and shows you care about your own well being.

-Wanda B

"Dr. Fix It"

After many years of Physical Therapy for various reasons, I came to the erroneous conclusion that all therapists were the same!  Then Dr. Robert Page, MD, introduced me to Dr Jared Weichers, PT, DPT and I soon came to think of him as Dr. Fixit.  I went from being in almost constant pain to waking up and realizing the pain was gone ( as long as I do my part and perform prescribed exercises)!!  Dr Jared's caring spirit, I believe, contributes greatly to his patients success!


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